Lindsay Sherwood – West Hollywood, Ca

Dr. A and her team are the best! Our dog Charlie (pit-mix) loves to chew on things- as hard as we try to keep bad things away from him. He generally doesn't have an issue but one day he started throwing up a lot and would not eat. He became weak and ill very quickly and we took him to a place in close to our new home West Hollywood to get him checked out in the middle of the night. They took X-rays and said that they didn't see a blockage. They loaded him up with fluids, gave him an anti-vomiting shot and sent us home. In the morning he could hardly make it outside to go to the bathroom. That is when we decided we needed to go back to Redondo to see his previous vet, Dr. Amber Andersen. They were able to get us in right away and so we flew down there as fast as we could! She reviewed the x-rays that were sent over from the night before and examined Charlie. She was quite positive that he did have a blockage. She was able to schedule an emergency surgery for him right away and a few hours later we were holding the half of a tennis ball that was blocking his intestines. The care that they put into his treatment was absolutely fabulous. I was getting text updates from the vet techs while he was in surgery & the three days he was in recovery. Our dog is our son, and knowing that he was in such great care made all the difference! Charlie is now on the road to recovery and he doesn't even act like he had surgery. Even though we have moved to West Hollywood from Redondo, we will only be taking him here for his veterinary care. I highly recommend this place as they are like a family and love animals with all of their

West Hollywood, Ca